French Lieutenant Game Client

This is a simple capturing game. There are 3 red pieces and 1 blue piece. Red may move sideways and up. Blue may move any direction. To win, Red must surround blue so that it can not move. Blue must evade capture to win. Blue can do this by getting past red *or* by evading capture.

Try to solve the game. Can Blue evade capture with perfect play? Can Red capture Blue even when Blue plays perfectly?

Play against yourself. Understand the complexity of the game. Try to solve it.
Play against the computer. Can you capture it? Maybe that's because it's impossible?
Play with Omniscience. This is cheating!!

The source!
The server!
Server, VB client, Full Source, Utils!
VB system files!

The links above run this applet using the Java "Standard Environment v1.3" plug-in.

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